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K.M. Messina

Book: Happy Love Sprinkles

Book: Happy Love Sprinkles

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When shy and lonely Critter wishes for a friend, he’s visited by a moon fairy who delivers instead a curious jar of happy love sprinkles. The colorful crystals take flight, leading the young fox on a magical journey through the forest where he crosses paths with Sprout, a wilted plant who yearns to be big, Peep, a little songbird with no voice, and Cakes, a raccoon who likes his sweets more than he should. Complete with a recipe for making Happy Love Sprinkles, children will be inspired to give of themselves and befriend others.

A 2020 Moonbeam Book Silver Award Winner for Best First Picture Book

An Eric Hoffer Award Finalist

Co-Authored with Best Friend Maria DiCostanzo

32-page, 9 x 12 hardcover.

Ages 2 - 8


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