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K.M. Messina

M.O.O.N. Journal - Celestial Dreams

M.O.O.N. Journal - Celestial Dreams

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M = manifest your dreams

O = by organizing your thoughts into a series of actionable steps

O = and own

N = your narrative

Every dream begins with a thought, and every thought holds power. So to manifest our highest-good desires, we must pay attention to the words we tell ourselves. It begins with clearly defining your desire. Write it down. Pay attention to it. Then outline a series of small steps that can be achieved which will bring you closer to your desired outcome. All along the way, own your narrative. You are the words you tell yourself. If you say things like, "I want to do....," you'll get stuck in the wanting. Speak as though you have already achieved your goal. "I am...." And every day, revisit your written actions, revise if necessary, and never give up until you have your success.

Now, you don't need a fancy book to write your daily thoughts down. But you should make the practice special...take a quiet time every day, even just for a few minutes, light a candle, pour your love and intent into your words. For me, I wanted a book that felt just as powerful as my thoughts, so I started to transform plain journals into beautiful and mystical pieces of art.

Each book is approximately 5.5 x 8 inches, with blank interior pages. Only the front and back covers are adorned.

If you are a perfectionist, these books are not for you. I am a fan of frays and drips, splatters and rips. I try to make them look old and wonderfully worn. I hand paint and texture the covers and adorn them with clay, ribbons, trinkets, gems, charms, and whatever goodies I can find. Each one is unique and beautiful...a perfect journal to remind you how powerful and special you are.

Due to fragile nature of handmade items and the endless hours that goes into making one book, my M.O.O.N Journals are not returnable. You won't go wrong if you choose the one that speaks to you.

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