Gemja Press

"An edge-of-your-seat adventure...sweeps to a cliffhanger climax. A rousing introduction to a promising new series." BOOKLIFE REVIEWS by PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"A fast-paced tale with richly drawn characters that revels in mythical worldbuilding...It blends fantasy and SF elements, along with witchcraft and teenage romance, with a degree of skill that’s likely to satisfy fans of all these genres." - KIRKUS

"Gemja: The Message offers a compelling blend of witchcraft and magic and establishes an immersive fantasy realm. Protagonist Resa is an alluring and relatable teen witch. Readers will eagerly engage with her as she attempts to unravel the mystery behind her visions of a ghostly figure." - Critic's Report: THE BOOKLIFE PRIZE 

"Messina blends witchcraft, prophesies, aliens and interplanetary tensions into a highly enjoyable young adult drama...set to be a captivating and popular series."  (Starred Review, Notable Book)  BLUEINK REVIEW


"Climactic moments and powerful revelations are plentiful. Worlds of unexpected wonder and danger abound." CLARION

"A wonderfully, well-written read. 5 stars." READERS FAVORITE


.    CYGNUS AWARDS LONG LIST (still in progress)