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If You Could Ask Your Dog

One Question . . .

You may only ask one. Which would you choose?


This poetic story about a young girl's struggle to pick the perfect question will warm the hearts of children and their adult readers alike. From "Why do you steal my fuzzy socks?" to "Do I make you happy?" her questions highlight quirky dog behaviors while exposing the profound love that she feels for her pet. With a delightful rhythm, and charmingly sweet scenes hand-painted by Nataliia Pavliuk, this work will resonate with all who have opened their hearts to a furry friend.

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A charming picture book for dog lovers of all ages

By Kim Messina


What question would you ask,

if your dog could answer you?

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About the Author

Kim is an earth and space science teacher, a dog mom, and a lover of all things mystical. You can often find her strolling along the rocky coast of Long Island, New York, where she enjoys moon gazing, bird watching, and playing backyard soccer with her husband and black German shepherd, Luna. She is currently working on a young adult fantasy series to be released in 2023.

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Kim Messina

Other Works
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When shy and lonely Critter wishes for a friend, he's visited by a Moon fairy who delivers instead a curious jar of happy love sprinkles. The colorful crystals take flight, luring the young fox on a magical journey to find friends. Complete with a recipe for making homemade love sprinkles, children will be inspired to give of themselves and befriend others. Kim co-authored this story with her best friend, Maria DiCostanzo.*A 2020 Moonbeam Award Winner for best first children's picture book.

Happy Love Sprinkles

Happy Love Sprinkles - KIRKUS REVIEWS

Happy Love Sprinkles . . . is sheer magic.

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What others are saying

In the Press . . . 

A sweet, uncomplicated ode to the love between a dog and their human . . . leads readers to a final, moving question . . .

If You Could Ask Your Dog One Question . . .

Endearing. Young readers and families . . . will likely feel an even stronger connection to their pets after the journey.

If You Could Ask Your Dog One Question . . .

Full Review HERE

An adorable picture book about the reciprocal love between a dog and her human.

If You Could Ask Your Dog One Question . . .

Full review HERE

Dog lovers will enjoy this imaginative exploration of a canine's perspective."

If You Could Ask Your Dog One Question . . .

Full review HERE

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