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Gemja - The Message

What if you had indisputable evidence that all species could live peacefully in a realm where anything was possible? Would you leave all you know behind to go there now? Would you sacrifice yourself so that others could go, too?

Teen witch Resa Stones discovers an ancient ritual that promises to return humanity to just such an idyllic place - a crystalline superplanet called Gemja - described in legend as a haven where all beings once lived harmoniously, having their needs met by mystical gems that comprise the planet. And when a message from a ghostly young girl in her dreams leads Resa to a glowing crystal, she suspects the jewel is a magical remnant from Gemja and embarks on a dangerous interdimensional quest to discover her link to the ghost, the gem, and the ritual.

6 x 9 paperback. 333 pages. Cool black line artwork by Natallia Pavliuk.

Themes: witchcraft, magical realism, coming of age, supernatural, fantasy, light sci/fi


  • Nitika

    A ghostly teenage girl emerged from the jeweled woods, her head tilted downward, her eyes closed...

  • Spellbound

    I felt like a flower that had bloomed with vibrant new petals...I felt worth of the title Witch.

  • The Wolf

    I felt it's warm breath against my neck and heard its growl in my ear. Suddenly it said my name...

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  • Award-winning story

    2021 Best Independent Book Award

    2021 Moonbeam Children's Award Gold for best picture book for all ages

    2021 Eric Hoffer Finalist

    2024 Mom's Choice Gold Award

  • Charming Artwork by Nataliia Pavliuk

    Sweet watercolor scenes handpainted by the lead artist and founder of design agency ArtPavo.

  • For dog lovers of all ages

    This gift-quality book would make a perfect present for new pet parents, or a lovely memorial for a beloved fur baby.

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