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K.M. Messina

Book: Gemja - The Message

Book: Gemja - The Message

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"An edge-of-your-seat adventure...sweeps to a cliffhanger climax. A rousing introduction to a promising new series." BOOKLIFE REVIEWS by PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Resa Stone is one of the first humans to set foot on a foreign world. But ever since arriving on planet Wandelsta, the introverted teen witch can’t sleep. Visions of a mysterious jeweled forest haunt her dreams. Who is the ghostly shrouded girl who emerges from those woods? And what is the meaning of the ominous message she delivers: You are the one?

And when the unearthly messenger appears in her waking life and leads her to a mystical glowing gem, Resa learns of an ancient legend that suggests the stone may be a remnant from a crystalline paradise called Gemja and harbors great power. On a quest to discover the significance of the stone, Resa is transformed by love, betrayal, magic, and hidden secrets. And when danger befalls her, she must summon the courage to journey into her dream realm to confront the ghost for answers…

Only to discover that deciphering the message reveals a painful truth…

One that may cost Resa her life.


333 pages, 6 x 9 paperback

Illustrated by Nataliia Pavliuk


Themes: young adult, supernatural, magic, witchcraft, coming of age, fantasy, light sci/fi



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